Good Morning Folks!!!

I haven't been posting in a while, besides the fact that I went thru a crazy psychiatric crisis 6 weeks ago, there have not been much news to share here.

Now, recovering and working again luckily, I have to face again the stupid pointy haired boss.

So, this fucker asked me for an estimation to build a simple web app.
He: Hey, can you make an estimation for this app
Me: sure, here it is.
He: *to the client*, here's the estimation for the web app you requested
Client: Uhmm, can I haz desktop for winbug$??
He: Let me check with dev
Me: Sure why not, we can do F# using MVU which is basically the same as using modern web frameworks
He: Sure, I'll tell that to the client.
Client: Oooohhh, C#, we lovez C#, can I haz discount?
He: Client wants discount to make it in C#.
Me: Oh, you can give him a discount to make it in F#, I never said C#
He: But your cv says you used C# ten years ago.
Me: Sure, but is not keeping up with functional design patterns, which is what I do.
He: Ok, so I'm offering him the discount in F#
Me: Great.
He: So, project is approved, thanks for the discount, you have 3 weeks to present the product in C#.
Me: Sure, I'll start when I get the downpayment.

Me: I'm considering saying that I didn't understand that he wanted it in C#, and just do F# and not let him know until the project is done.


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    I would send over a high level roadmap with milestones that clearly state it's in F#.

    Send that to the client as a "this is what to expect" email.

    Let the chaos begin.
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    That's a sharp language, @galileopy. Careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battle ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea. Because... it's so sharp.

    Sorry, been watching this again.
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    The middleman always triggers me 😐
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    Make sure the deliverable conditions in writing are what you will deliver. They will likely refuse to pay if you hand them an F# sourcebase and you were paid for C# on paper.
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    Well, C# > F# anyway.
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    @SortOfTested I am actually "enjoying" Avalonia on a MVVM, setup, at least I have reactive streams. And I've seen that c# is moving on the right direction, they have pattern matching and immutable record types planned for C# 9, so maybe this would be a nice long term project.

    Also is nice to see how slowly one has to work on a traditional object oriented setup, is giving me insight on how much to charge per hour for F#/JS work.
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    I love c# and I will (probably) never switch. But "immutable record types" where "promissed" like 5 years ago. We'll see :)

    Pattern mtching, you can use as of today !
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