* I send an APK so that my client can test*

My client: I can't install the application

Me: Did you download and install it from the email I sent you?

client: No I downloaded from the play store.

(In my mind: Why the fuck do you Download it from the play store? I fucking sent you an email to 3 of your fucking email addresses so that you can fucking test the fucking APK that I fucking fixed it for you! You fucking worthless peice of shit!)

But I reacted as: No no, you should download the apk from the email I sent. I've sent it to all your email addresses.

client: I can't find the APK In your email.

(In my mind: Wow! I just don't get it! How can you be so stupid? I'm just wondering how your company hired you as a 'director for X')

*I send him a Screenshot proving that the apk exists*

Turns out that this idiot doesn't know to use outlook for Android! He then logs in to his gmail and finds the apk.(Coz I had emailed it to his outlook and gmail accounts)

M just wondering, should I drop this guy? Or charge him 2x for this shit?

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    Mt technically inclined clients get discounts

    Because it saves me these kind of frustrations. It's hard to sell training. Most ppl don't think they need to know anything but fb and angry birds.

    Now you know what top expect from him ha ha
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    Honestly dude, he's more intelligent than many of the people you could have to work with. Calm down, remember that you don't know everything either, and help him out. At my dev job they make us work at the help desk occasionally so that we get experience with regular users. Empathy and calm will make everything less stressful for you
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    @iam13islucky there's a lot to rant about this client, m not saying that "I know everything", you have no I.D.E.A how much of patience I have. But this guy is heights. He brags about being 2 decades in the software industry. Yet comes up with ways to prove himself wrong.
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    @basanth okay, I'll concede to that. I guess that the example you ranted about just made it seem like you were a hothead for no reason, but knowing the background helps to change that
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    @basanth "coming up of new ways to prove himself wrong" is very hard 😂 Try it.
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    Maybe you can upload apk to alpha version slot in play store. Then invite him to join alpha testing...
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    @krazycavin there is a lot of other things to share the apk too. I don't think their can be anything simpler than email, he gets confused easily.
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