Magento vs opencart?

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    I only know Magento and, in my opinion, it is a pile of senile elephant turds...
    I've switched to Craft Commerce.
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    What’s craft now.
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    I just saw two fuck magento rants so..
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    Last time i used an e-commerce framework, was OpenCart and OSCommerce, although osCommerce doesn't look like it's been updated in a while.

    Laraval if you feel you can do the heavy work, I've heard good things about Aimeos, or ZenCart if you don't mind a slow website - but that's not the ideal situation for ecommerce.
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    I found only opencart having a complete proper REST API with a nice documentation.

    I searched for magento rest api, but its doc is in such a way it felt all Greek to me. I don’t know is it just me or is it actually like that...

    Same for WooCommerce

    And if you’re planning on a multi vendor platform then there’s nothing in API.
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    @scout In CraftCMS you have a built-in GraphQL API for headless.

    but the Craft Commerce Plugin is not ready for headless mode. All shop functions are exposable though, if you are familiar with how Controllers and Actions in Yii/Craft work.

    As far as I know there is no multi-vendor support.
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