Programming is 5% writing code full of bugs , 30% googling , 20% crying,20% checking your downvoted questions on stackoverflow, 25 % thinking of switching career

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    Downvoted answers on SO often mean you should improve your Google-Fu.

    And there's another 5% for mistagging rants because the "devrant" tag is for stuff related to devRant itself. There is no "developer rant" because there are only developers supposed to be here.
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    If you think SO is bad, .comp.lang.c would have made you suicidal. The programming world is playskool nowdays.
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    @SortOfTested Ah yeah, the Usenet, that brings back memories. What a pity that the regulars killed it.
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    Should I be happy to be not professional enough to have a need to use stackoverflow?
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    You don't even have a 1% to fix/debug the said bugs?
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    Speak for yourself.
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    I mostly agree, but 25% changing career? Fuck that. I got here after 8 years of support/projects, you guys have no idea how good your vocation is ;-)
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