- All the 6 cores at 100ºC ~25% of the time
- Trying to figure out wtf
- aahhh, it's my self-service automation script launching ~300 curls in parallel every few seconds to monitor the environment! I guess the temps are alright then...

Moral: even the devil is not that bad when you know the whole context.

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    What cooler is this under? 6 cores should be rather easily cooled.
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    @olback Dell Precision 5530 :)
    It cools down well when I'm throttling all cores to 3.1GHz. But unthrottled CPUs, especially with the Intell's burst capacity, immediately boost CPUs' temperatures to the sky and above :)

    Dell laptops with i7 CPUs tend to have this problem. I'm happy I own an XPS13 with an i7 skylake which only has 4 threads (2cores). It does not suffer from thermal problems. Anything newer than Skylake and bigger than 2x physical cores tends to be hot af.

    Precision is my work lappy, not a personal one.

    I do hope Dell has fixed this problem with their newest models.
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    @netikras Ah, I thought it was a desktop or a server. Makes sense now.
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    100 C, isn't that like any water in the chip will vaporize and shatter the chip?
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    @Demolishun why would there be water in the chip?
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    @netikras only if fixed in the last ≈14 months.
    But wouldn't put my hopes up.
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