I mean, impossible for who? For someone working 9-5 without procrastination, sure there are.
I have been a student and a procrastinator most of my life, so yeah, a 40 hour week's work is possible in two days with minimum sleep.
Also done massive projects in a week's time. If you know what you're doing, it's not that impossible.

Although, I find working with others almost impossible in some occasions, specially where you don't see eye to eye despite however much you try. (time-wise, speaking)

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    At my old job, clients wanted:

    Things that I estimated a few days for -> a few hours.

    Things that I estimated a week for -> a single day.

    Things that I estimated a month for -> a week.
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    @ODXT if he's paying you for a week's work to be delivered in a day, plus extra for overtime, then it's worth it. Otherwise, you'll burn out so fast.
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    The pay was the same regardless. But it was control for them. They want to be the one making deadline decisions. There would be daily meetings to check progress.

    It's all about control for these bastards. It was never enough for me to do my job. They needed to squeeze out as much work from the workers as possible.
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    I wonder what would've happened if:
    You gathered documents on similar projects being done in a similar time frame as you suggested, then sent them a report on why the deadline is unrealistic, then they would've said no to you with no specific and justifiable reason, and then you could sue them for harassment. 🤔
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    @ODXT and that is why we left that God awful place
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    @NoMad done it. They would just call our managers, scream at them, put us in a hot seat and basically forced us to drop everything else and focus on whatever the fuck that client wanted to finish it ASAP.

    Yes, they were cunts of the biggest magnitude
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    @Lyym union?
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    @NoMad private American Owned company, no union. It was a right we had, only 1 person had the balls to try and form a union, but HR shut him down citing "were about to go into a WFR period" Wich ultimately led to cutting 1k+ jobs
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    @Lyym I they were screaming at our managers and harassing or threatening our staff, they would have been shot down by us (or any company with a backbone) and told to play their games with someone else.

    PS: We had a similar situation and our company ended the contract, only giving very minimal support - as much as our lawyer said we have to so they don't have grounds to sue us for taking their company down.
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