I happened to come help with a project that deadline was in two weeks. It was hardware project for customers with UI.

They said to me - help us 2 weeks and it’s done. It only needs polishing. There was nothing working and we finished it after half a year.

Hardware was crap and drivers wasn’t working. Managers called me stupid when I tried to explain that this is hardware team fault. They used to say that it was tested in laboratory and there is no defect. Laboratory my ass fucking assholes never released anything from scratch.

I got depressed after this project for a year. It was fucking nightmare.

Everything, literally everything was rewritten 3 times cause of stupid decisions that I questioned all the time. At the end of project most of those assholes stopped commenting my decisions. I believe we released impossible product that was crap but based on usage rates I got later when I left it returned expenses.

I lost like 2 years of my life and about 20kg during those 6 months. Never again.

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