Web dev's worst nightmare: "it doesn't work in 3DS browser"


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    Man I don't know why I laughed so hard haha
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    Omg I cannot let QA or the product owner see this. It will give them ideas...
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    Nintendo 3DS Browser == IE6? or? 😂
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    Lol, 3DS is one of my specialties. It uses a 2011 Webkit with a few select bugfixes (exploitable ones) cherrypicked.
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    @dotdeb same here, I lost it in a public restaurant!!!
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    Omf!!! This made my day OP. I have had the worst week and you just lifted my spirits!!!!!!
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    Omg, you owe me a coffee 😀
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    Who the hell cares about a handheld consoles browser
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    The NEW Nintendo 3DS' browser is actually decent, but the old one was utter shit.
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    @filthyranter It must be the same since exploits are the same. Maybe an upgraded version, but the same core
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    @Luigi003 It's not the same at all, if you can believe the guy behind Homebrew.
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    @Luigi003 Exploits AREN'T the same. Each browser has a different one. New 3DS exploit is a Stagefright one, O3DS is an old Webkit bug.
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    @filthyranter @fox8091 my bad, I usually assume things without proper knowledge and I shouldn't

    Thanks for correcting me! :P
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    @Luigi003 No problem. :P
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    AFAIK uses Opera as their defacto browser for all their devices.

    Probably didn't want to cough up the $$$$ to license Firefox or Chrome.

    Dumb move on Nintendo's part.
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    @binhex It used Opera on the DSi. And it uses Webkit now. The same thing that powers Chrome and Firefox. They didn't use either of those because it's not a high power device. It only has 512MB of RAM. Enough for a dedicated console, not enough for a desktop browser.
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