Co-worker @9:00 AM: "What happened with project A?"

Me @9:01 AM: "Project B has a higher priority. Will look into project A later.*

Co-worker @9:05 AM: "Cool. Good luck with project B."

Me @9:05 AM: "Thanks."

Co-worker @11:00 AM: "Been looking into project A but could not understand what xyz means. Would you mind jumping on a call?".

Me: 😑

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    Its always the PM's fault
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    Bet some asshat manager wanted co-worker to take over A because "they're all important so they should all get priority"
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    Ewww tf do they mean by "good luck with project B?" I'd be triggered
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    Too many cooks
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    "Would you mind a call?" Is a yes or no question. "Sorry I'm busy with project B" seems a dick move, but it is also honest.
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    @KDSBest If you don't make dick moves to some people, they would treat you as if they're your line manager.
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