why the hell there are "jpeg -> jpg" converters out there if the both are the same goddamn thing?

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    Mass operation I guess....
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    Because they're not.

    Jpg , jpeg, and jpeg2000 are not the same things.

    Visit this page, and read all about all the jpg formats.

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    @C0D4 as far as my understanding goes, the file extension is not directly related to which JPEG encoding is used

    @orhun because of stonks for ad-infested converter websites 📈
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    @PonySlaystation it's not, .jpg is a DOS issue, .jpeg(x) all work at .jpeg which all work as .jpg on any system.

    It's just for the OCD people to see what it's encoded as rather then just a jpg.
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    I thought jpeg would allow the showing of images with pegging while jpg is strictly PG rated images.

    Honestly I don't know what "pegging" is. I just heard about it from a friend, who heard if from a friend.
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    @Demolishun 👀
    Urban dictionary contains the answers you seek.
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    Well while manually renaming , we may save image as jpg or jpeg.
    But both formats are having their own properties and optimization levels.
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