What do you guys think of business analysts?

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    The good ones are awesome to work with, the bad/average ones will make life harder.
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    Good ones are great. Bad ones are PMs. The worst built most of their BA skills taking orders at fast food restaurants.
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    I tend to not think of them, as long as I'm not either tortured with rusty pirate hooks or looking at a screenshot sent via email within a Word document attachment.
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    Oh the SALES DEPT.
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    Much people. Very convincing. "OUR COMPANY CAN DEFINITELY BUILD THAT FOR YOU" Java on blockchain with 3Tb SSDs as a ML cache? Yes, we can do that. Let me connect you to the tEcHniCAl team
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    Hi this is Johhny the tEchNiCAl guy. Our šŸ‘ŒBusiness AnalystšŸ‘Œ already explained all of your requirements to me. Yes yes we can do it.
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