How much should I try to cater to noscript users? Some situations are just not practical without some js (Ajax and friends can sometimes be the only practical option).

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    if no script --> display tor onion url of your dedicated tor webservice 😄
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    @heyheni it's meant to be self hosted tho...
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    I recommend to make the skeleton without JS, and especially the main navigation. Don't abuse JS for things that are HTML's or CSS' job. Users should at least be able to see what's being offered.

    Interactive widgets that need JS should have a nicely styled <noscript> message overlay so that NoScript users see what exactly won't work. Same for dynamic stuff like e.g. fetching in some real time weather data, or real time auction prices or so.

    However, both should have some sort of half-complete preview instead of just whiting out.
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