Software development is looking at the screen whole day, pushing keyboard keys sometimes and getting paid much for these actions.

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    Maybe you're doing it wrong
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    @odite You dont push buttons or look at screen?
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    @aviophile oh yeah, I forgot that's what we do. Make key go bang, code make happen.

    Big brain.
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    Then electrons go brrrrr
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    Pressing a key: €0.01

    Knowing when to press which key: €9999.99
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    I'm doing it wrong, I spend more time clicking a mouse and answering a call lately then I do pressing those keys.

    Good thing I get paid the same 😅
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    @C0D4 I was also gonna add meetings etc but wanted to make my point simpler.
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    nope, you're getting paid for all of the thinking that (hopefully) happens before you press those few buttons.
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