I find it interesting to see how scenarios sometimes flip.

30 years ago, the generally accepted "best" thing to do when when interacting with a person of colour was to "not see colour" - to treat them as you would anyone else. Meanwhile the similarly accepted "best" thing to do when interacting with a physically disabled person was to recognise their disability, help them if appropriate, give them a boost, encourage them, etc.

Today it seems very much like the opposite. The correct thing to do when interacting with an ethnic minority is to see their colour, recognise their struggle, help them if appropriate, etc. - whereas with disabilities, that approach generally seems to have been labelled "inspiration porn", and the correct thing to do is simply not to see the disability, treating them like you would anyone else.

Not entirely comparable of course, but there's enough similarity there that I find the situation interesting.

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    What, did people actually have to try and "not see colour"?
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    @theuser and new challenge was born.
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    When I see someone blind (without dog!) trying to cross a street, I'll still first greet him and then ask politely whether he wants some assistance. Even when that was not the case, I've never seen a blind become angry over the offer.
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    @Fast-Nop I offer my assistance when someone's trying to nut and I've never seen one get angry at me for trying to help.

    Like the other day, my MILF neighbor was cooking fish. I passed by the door and said, "Damn, that fish smell as good as your pusseysss?" She said, "You want some lemonade?" I said, "Is it as good as your juuuuuuuuuiceee?"

    I don't know where I'm going with this. Too much sugar tonight.
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    @rutee07 we need more of you mate. Have you considered starting a patreon campaign?
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    @molaram People have brought it up but I'm too lazy to even set it up and all I do is ramble about random shit anyway. I doubt I deserve the money. You can swipe your credit card on my MILF's triple layer pussy though.
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    except nowadays there's no thing you can do that wouldn't be bad, if you're not a member of The Cult.

    it's not about morals, not about correctness, not about consistency in the rules or requirements, it's just about control. whatever gives The Cult more control in any situation.
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    *swipes swipes swipes*

    "That doesn't seem to be working..."
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