Oyeeee how do you expect to complete a whole food ordering web app in 5 days using Asp.net?!?!

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    With lies. Lots of them. Also a bit of murder.
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    You pay $5 for a Fiverr job, a hundred Indians will share the task, and they'll deliver the app within one hour. However, you can only order chicken curry.
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    Take the easy way out.
    Shoot the client using any type of shotgun.
    Then carve up his bones into letters saying "No" and burn the remains.
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    This is a friend's College project sadly
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    @akshar Never ever work for friends. It's a losing game for you. Let them do their homework themselves, not least because you don't want future co-workers who have never done anything on their own.
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    @Fast-Nop I agree with your point there. :)
    If I were getting a chance to work on this, firstly, I'd ditch asp.net even if the company recently gave a bit of "training" for it. Well that is the case with this friend and they're going with ahead with this, even though they're not confident with it. On top of that, they're doing their basic html using visual studio on a trashtop. Wasting time doing that and the backend isn't even planned yet. What hurts is when a friend doesn't follow a legit advice. Too bad I'm used to it. 💩
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    I still gotta try helping some way because friends are well, friends. (:
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    @akshar "Do my homework for me" isn't friendship. It's abuse.

    If students are not able to do their homework, it's a good thing if they get thrown out of college and don't apply with a degree based on the work of others.
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    @Fast-Nop never work for friend is the best advice 👍🏻, been there done that not doing it again
    @akshar do it if you would enjoy working on project, don’t do it just because your friend asked you
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