Some blocker like uBlock origin should come pre-installed by now. I mean at least the malicious stuff could get blocked and the online world could be a bit more safe. Legit, not-in-the-face ads are still okay at times, I guess :/

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    My 2c, extensions are too easy to game. Ublock has been a particular target with namealike clones serving malware, and their options are truly limited in terms of how they can defend against hostile requests. In that vein, I prefer what brave does, as it's a little more robust and isn't extension marketplace dependent.

    Personally though, I just front my network with a pfsense and handle it as a routing concern.
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    @SortOfTested The approach Brave is taking might become the new widespread thing. Mozilla is also trying something, I heard.

    Never knew of pfsense though, gotta check it out. Looks like a physical solution similar to piHole, but better.
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    @akshar Are we talking about the referral link scandal or something else?
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    @SortOfTested considering Brave's track record, I say it's no better than those malware fake blockers. First there was the hidden "whitelisting" of certain google and facebook ads, and now the referral link scandal. I'm sure that if someone with enough knowledge started digging through all their code, they would find a lot more hidden nasty shit.

    Firefox + uBlock + uMatrix is the best solution I've seen so far - with a PiHole on top.
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    @akshar pfsense is a BSD based router/firewall OS :)
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    I'm fine with normal ads as long as they don't try to track me as if their existence depends on it
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