Android studio is doing like 80% of the work for me, and I'm still not done with this tiny app. :/

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    Have you tried downloading more RAM?

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    @sudocode Thanks <6 for that useful suggestion. I'll immediately transfer some spare RAM from my phone via bluetooth as a localhost ISP.

    This zero-day cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 technology supports transferring physical stuff when paired with NFC over OTG. This is unlike any other techniques I've discovered so far. Sadly this is an android-only feature due to hardware limitations on Apple's side. Needless to say, "allegedly" they are working on it.
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    Tell me about it. All Android projects appear small at the beginning but the dev soon realizes how complicated it can get.
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    @null-pointer-ex Exactly! I thought it would take 4 hours at max. But the whole weekend is gone :D
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    Android does a lot against you not for you. Just turn your App and destroy your dreams of stability.
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