It's official. I'm making multiplayer Minesweeper.

There's a Trello board, Discord server, and GitHub repo.

Initial gamemodes will be singleplayer, public (like agar.io) and vs (2+ players, support for teams is planned).

My big idea besides that is to have interesting powerups you can buy or find, adding a component of luck and some exciting new rules to the game.

And I may even put ads on it and try to feed myself.

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    Sounds like a plan!
    But please keep random seed near to 0, if possible (not talking about mine field itself, but "component of luck")
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    @vintprox the idea is to have different settings: random powerups sprinkled around the map, powerups only available via spending points, and no powerups. Choose your level of RNG!
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    @AlgoRythm ah I see. Everything's an option. That's good to have)
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    By the way, why no share invite link to Discord guild?
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    Just dont burn out and dont take years to make it. Decide on a minimum viable product and dedicate some time for it.
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    @vintprox because I started the project a couple hours ago. I'm gonna give it a few days and tro to get another dev onboard before community building.

    @zemaitis that's what the Trello boards are for!
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    @AlgoRythm its not about your worktools, its about estimating properly
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    @zemaitis kinda. When you use tools to map out what you want done, projects turn from an idea to a plan
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    @AlgoRythm my point is that I saw many projects like this and 90percent of them fail without even becomming public just because of overengineering. Developers who work for themselves have to be good managers as well.
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    I loved the minesweeper that was implemented in MSN.
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    @Codex404 I played that! There was also one I remember that had freeform shaped boards with obstacles.
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    Have the mines be ads. And if a person watches the ad it diffuses the mine 😂 absolutely devilish
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    Oh and make the ads exponentially generate.

    So for example
    1st mine 1 ad
    2nd mine 2 ads
    3rd mine 4 ads
    4th mine...

    How committed is the player in diffusing the bomb?
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