Conversation with co-worker

Me: *Asks question 1*
Me: *Asks question 2*
Co-worker: *Answers only to question 2*

This happens way too often... Like, bruh... 😑

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    Ask one at a time then 🤷🏻‍♂️ Obviously an issue with your social skills, not them
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    @ScriptCoded I have had this issue when providing a list of things I needed to know. So I email someone a bulleted list. I would get responses where they only answer 1 thing on that list. Usually the last item. I shouldn't have to send 10 emails for 10 items.
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    Followup their answer with the other question again? Not easy to do but enforce that on them. That's the only thing you could do. Either their memory is poor and very selective or they simply don't know the answer to other questions
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    @Demolishun Dont use bullets; use a numbered list. That way you can say "what about questions one through four and question six?"

    It's jerkish, but what can you do?
    Then again, my soft skills are soft like soapstone, not soft like pillow.
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    @Demolishun Sure thing, but having it in text makes a world of difference
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    I had a client who was a grand master at giving an answer to a different question than the one you asked, then managing to wrangle the conversation into how he already answered this it's not that hard look we talked about this just fix it let me know if it's a problem.

    It was like a rite of passage for new team members. "Did you get an answer yet?", "Yes but not for the question I asked".
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    You overflow their tiny brain buffer. Relax and take this slow and steady
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