I got assigned to work on a new project a couple of weeks ago. We got the POC code handed off from senior management, since he came up with the idea over the weekend. The project concept is hella exciting, but the dev manager and PO I have to deal with make life unbearable to say the least.

We have only 2 devs (including me) and 1 QA on this supposedly very important project. Of course, management announced the project to the clients already, so now we have to deliver ASAP cause it adds “sizzle”.

The MVP deadline is... no one knows when, either July 30th or September 1st. The MVP requirements are... unknown. I swear if someone saw the list of tasks and issues attached to “MVP” Epic, they would call us nuts trying to fit it all in.

To make things better, each PR requires 2 reviewers, so we end up adding manager as a reviewer just cause we need him to hit that “approve” button. So in attempt to make life easier, we requested to have a third developer. We are getting another developer, but that guy doesn’t know how to unit test a pure function...

Current priorities are... unit testing with coverage of 95% and if we want to refactor code, we have to add area to the list in a Google Doc. As a result, we are not tackling big things like risk of SQL injections not to mention big features like i18n (5-6 languages to support by the way and yes, it’s part of MVP as well as SSR no one knows why). Currently, I spend 2-3 hours a week in calls with the team just to figure out what the hell MVP is, what we have to do and why we have to do it. Last time we spent an hour refining 1 spike and breaking down one story into 3.

Oh, we also don’t have a deployment plan, not even to test environments since DevOps team was not aware of this project at all. Thus, QA cannot create any test suites and have to test everything manually which eats a lot of their time.

This whole project is a big hot mess and I’m considering leaving it all together especially since I’m working on two squads at the same time. I love the project, I love the idea, but management makes it unbearable, so I’m not even motivated to work on that.

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    What's the other side of MVP look like for you? I'd seriously be analyzing opportunity in order to determine how much effort I'm willing to give it.
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    @SortOfTested we have barebones application ready, so feature-wise it is an MVP as far as I’m concerned especially given possible July deadline. I’d rather spend time preparing the app to be production ready. We still lack error handling (all errors are silenced), there is huge SQL injection risk, and there is a bunch of weird things when instance’s method is calling the class’s static method (and both are used). After all, we can write unit tests as we go through the code base.
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    @ekat There should be no risk of sql injection these days if you properly parameterize the queries.
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    @dontknowshit that’s exactly the problem, queries are not parameterized correctly. The code currently builds raw SQL based on raw user input with no checks/escapes, so there’s nothing preventing abuse of the system
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    Wow, who would write such nasty code in 2019-2020, we have some legacy code written by contractors that has the same issue but it was written 10 years ago
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