When android is short on storage it produces a whole lot of long-presses.

Ffs android, I still have 500mb free!

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    clear devrant and youtube cache :P

    Also there is a reason play store won't allow you install anything if you have <600MB free space
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    @melezorus34 yeah, It's come to the point where I'm clearing all the caches weekly :/ And yet this doesn't change the fact that while I still have 500MB free Android has become laggy af
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    You can
    * check the "last used" status on gPlay Store to delete some unimportant apps.

    * Move /sdcard/downloads and /sdcard/DCIM to your sd card
    (If you can't move DCIM, use Google Photos to back up, and then "Clear Space" with gPhotos app.
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    @melezorus34 thanks, but I have already reviewed those apps quite a few times already. And I don't have an SD card :D

    I guess I'll have to delete some photos someday. Still, this is not what my rant is about ;)
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    @netikras If that can help, I generously offer to store some of your data. Don't hesitate to send me your details :)
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    I use greenify to nuke all the apps that might be running in the background. May or may not help with the slowness. Just feeling figured I'd throw in my 10 cents
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    This is the exact reason I bought a ridiculous 256gb phone instead of the 16gb one....
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