Okay, so, my company does some stuff around blockchain. I had source for smart contract prepared before and it was on 'todo' queue. So, time for it, time to deploy on Kovan, time to test it on actual chain. Riiiight? Okay compiled no problem, deployed, no problem, i plug into several gui's ABI provided by compiler, and... Well..

I still do not understand why each and every gui prompted me to send view transactions (external view), instead of, well, eval them locally, i checked the ABI manually, it is correct, i stripped it down, it is correct, all up to spec.

I try older version of offline MEW, to have older web3.js with no success that thing works properly.

Web3.js based client

And none behaved correctly.

I would, like, understand, if I didnt use official compiler, but official compiler should for F sakes be compatible with official client.

Today this stole 6 hours of my life, I didnt manage to solve it, and I am legitmitely pissed.

Im getting close to re-implement segment of web3JS to be able to do the tests I need to do.

Its not like I havent done it before....

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