What a day. I was cleaning up some of my styling tweaks for this react app; removing superfluous rules, nailing some hard to pin alignments that have been off up until now, and removing unused files and code in general.

I managed to delete an entire folder. I'm not sure how I did it, but apparently I had highlighted the folder when wanting to just delete one file via vs code. This was hours of uncommitted (yeah, my bad) tweaks and cleanup.

But - I still have the app loaded in my browser. I can't see the prebuilt source code, but I can see the compiled, raw main.chunk.js which gives me the exact code albeit not in the format I need.

So that's my day. Re-tweaking, re-adjusting everything while working my way down a compiled javascript file from top to bottom while explaining to my team why I haven't pushed my changes that I was just going to clean up.

Now I'm having a beer.

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