Calling out remote workers. How did you get a remote position?

Recruiter? Connections?

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    1.Start working at a firm
    2.Become indispensable
    3.Invent a reason you have to move
    4.you are now remote

    Or yeah, recruiters, job boards and network
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    @SortOfTested this is my new five year plan. I just visited a place I desperately want to move to ahahaha
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    I was going to work from home one day a week (agreement when I was hired) but pretty quickly got along with the team and earned their trust.

    It's a very small company so any rules aren't really rules like at a larger organization.

    Communication and trust is the key... for a lot of things.
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    Covid 19
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    @Voxera *cues metal music* "Pandemiiiiiic! Fuck yeah!"

    I mean, "a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do, eh"
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    @Jilano not really, I prefer working at the office since we often work together on tasks.
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