I hate that I have to be careful of what I say about specific languages so that I don't hurt peoples feelings. If you get upset because someone called Java or PHP ugly, get over it.

All languages are shit. If you have a favorite, good for you. IMO you only limit yourself if you think that .Net is always the answer, or if you think that every project needs to be in a JVM.

We often forget to ask why a language exists before we start to use it. No sane person is going to use Java to develop a quick one time script. Same can be said for all languages.

So when someone tells you, "Python sucks" they probably mean, "Python sucks for this use case". Except for Perl.

Fuck Perl.

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    The only beautiful language, is machine code, it's purity is divine and unrivaled
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    Perl is great! If you know what youre doing :p
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    @ThatPerlDeb you can do anything, and I mean anything in Perl. But it's so damn frustrating to get juuuust right.

    Perl devs are the black magic sorcerers of IT.
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    Language and stdlib design do matter.
    Stuff like the unintuitive type juggling of JavaScript or the horrible naming and argument order mismatch in PHP's stdlib do increase the bug count and make code harder to write and maintain.

    Also: Yes, fuck Perl.
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    Well no language is more pure than lambda calculus.
    Machine code actually tends to be pretty impure in practice...
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    Fuck people, you owe them nothing
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    @alexbrooklyn "purity is divine and unrivalled"
    *laughs in x86 and VAX*
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