tech debt is a b!+ch you can only pay if your client somehow approves the budget for something they will never notice.

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    Tech dept is inevitable if your project isn't trivial.
    You can only try hard to keep it somewhat contained by avoiding pulling in third-party stuff you don't have to and refactoring the shit out of the code base whenever you touch anything.
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    @Oktokolo and documenting as you go! Don’t forget that one.
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    Real documentation just not gonna happen. We all know that.
    Sparingly sprinkled comments in the code explaining why some odd-looking code is as it is is all we can ever hope for. If we are lucky.
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    Add a couple of sleep(4) calls around your code. You can pay off the techdebt when the client notices the app is too slow ;)
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    @Hazarth duuuuuude that just might work!
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    @Oktokolo yeah fixing broken windows and all that is the best I can do. one of the most obvious things is switching the tabs in the files i come across to spaces haha
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