TL;DR: OMFG! Push the button already!

I've been away on paternity leave for quite some time now. Today is my first day at work since the end of July.

Just a couple of days after my paternity leave started, I was contacted by one of the managers because a tracking and analytics service I had made some months earlier had halted.

Now, I did warn them that the project was fragile and was running of an old box in my office. So they shouldn't be surprized if it came to a halt every now and then.

Well, so being on my paternity leave and all I didn't want to spend time fixing it. I had a child to look after. So I told the manager that the box probably just had shut down. I think there was a power outage the day before, so I probably thought it was the cause. So he probably just had to turn it back on. I also told him the admin u/p in case he needed to restart some services.

Today, the CEO enters my office telling me to get that thing fixed. Because that manager apparently couldn't find the power button.

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    push it... push it real good!!
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    wow, please tell me you made an ass out of the manager and just had to push one button for the ceo and said done
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    @jckimble No, I didn't. Maybe I should have. I'll be leaving this Jurassic employer in December anyhow. If the CEO can't see what kind of persons he has ranked under him, it's his problem, not mine. At least not for much longer!
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