I hate it when I reject their laughable offer and then they just go on and ask from me to recommend any friend for THAT position. Bitch, I rejected your offer for a reason, what makes you think I'll just throw my friends into those positions that I find offensive for myself. And also it's your job to find people, not mine.

And worst of all is when that come the other day with a different and even more laughable offer and I reject again and they again ask me for recommendations and the loop goes on until I HAVE to become an asshole and tell them some swearing words they could never think of.

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    No doubt. Fuck them. I hate poeple like that.

    Similar, one time I "interviewed" for a job somewhere and the guy conducting the interview was a total shitfuck. Talked over me, didn't let me talk or write, typical bombastic asshole. Needless to say I turtled the interview until I was out of there and didn't take calls from the recruiter.

    6 months later, I get a call from the company direct, bypassing the recruiter, same asshole and his director, hat in hand because he'd dug himself a hole. "We have a position we think you'd be perfect for."

    I just replied back, "in case my ghosting you wasn't clear enough, you were a complete asshole to me the entire time during the interview and nothing substantive occurred because of it. Disregarding the fact that you seem to think I'm waiting at the hardware store to jump in the back of a tech truck for whatever work I can get, in what universe do you think I would ever want to work under someone who behaves like that? Best of luck with your search *click"
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    Had a situation once where I was lowballed hugely on what the job was advertised for, so declined, then they called back the day later with slightly less of a lowball... still declined.

    They called back the day after, said on reflection they'd be happy to offer the original salary. I said on reflection my salary expectation had doubled. The next line:

    "What?! That's ridiculous. Are you serious?! Why lie to us about your salary expectation?!"
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    Recommend a person who you know will be more annoying to them that they are to you.
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    @electrineer I can think of a few...
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