I am sick of Android cave dwellers go outside everytime iOs released and make their old tired “inNOvatIon” joke.

Apple does not say we brought these things first, so there is no base for a joke even. But when Apple does, you can be sure it will be far more perfect than your average Android phone has, or even top end ones.

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    Not a mobile dev, BUT imo an iPhone is something that the <= middle class simply shouldn't afford. This is why there a middle tier android phones that are half the price and missing 10% of the flagship features. The middle class does reasonable investments.

    also, not an advocate for strict class systems.
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    Haha im laughing cause you big mad
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    Have an example?

    Regardless, my second hand 60-70 euro android phone works very well, stable, fast and secure for as far as I'm aware. And no, I'm not willing to spend more than 200 on a goddamn phone.
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    @linuxxx Indeed, I cannot see many valid reasons for paying above 1000 bucks for a phone. Most apps will never utilize the hardware they ship with (and they quickly drop in prize). If you're very into mobile gaming or you are seriously into photography but don't feel like carrying around a dedicated camera, then maybe yes.

    Otherwise, you're gonna sit on your ass browsing instagram, sending messages and so on. Let's be reasonable.
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    @theuser who are you to tell people which phone to buy?
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    @linuxxx just look around for some 9gag originated uninteresting bullshit after ios14 release.
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    @theuser A thousand still seems fucking insane for me but suit yourself!

    And I just use it for email, Firefox, Signal, sms, calling, devRant and ssh...
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    You dropped this 👑
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    @linuxxx got a 300$ nokia 3 years ago, best phone ive ever had. I have 5 apps installed that i actually use, no point in paying any more than this, but i wanted the metal body tbh.
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