Next project idea self hosted home webserver powered by steam engine:

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    here's an idea: use your server's generated heat to produce steam along with whatever fuel you're using

    #zerowaste !!! :D
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    wtf dude
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    y tho
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    @Ranchu dude I need 3 more ++ OK ?
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    @esia what for may I ask?
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    @Ranchu to make an avatar I need 10 ++ , OK?
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    @esia so? You get easy ++ by posting quality rants and constructive or funny comments.
    That won't be so hard will it?
    Also, it is generally frowned upon begging for ++.
    Just a tip.
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    @Ranchu why ure so tight dude...
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    @esia cause if you keep that up you'll quickly drown in --.
    I promise it's truly not hard to get your ++.
    Everyone started from the bottom.
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    @esia Don't beg, don't take -- personally, post quality content or just be witty.
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