I think I need glasses (or at least more coffee) but every time I think about contributing to an open source project maintained by a "Comunity", i find out that I missed the smelly bits in theire massive coc that they want to ram down your throat.

Eigther I missed them every time or some fuck puts them in after I read them.

The first time it's about mostly Standart shit like: don't troll/flame/insult/detract. But than I start seeing: Sexism, Racism, xenophobia, hetotonormativity (wtf nodeJs)/homophobia insta ban. They even assert that you should apologize even if you did nothing wrong and your not allowed to stand your ground or your banned.

And if the mod pulls a fast one on your buddy, not allowed to be discussed in any public forum or your banned too.

What happened? I was sure that only the bigger repos had that shit (like the Linux kernel (that bans you for being pro trump). Have I missed something?

Fuck every repo that does that shit. They ain't gonna get my time or money.

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    Welcome to the Marxist revolution.
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    That's exactly what was intended when denouncing meritocracy. Useless SJWs infest projects, don't get shit done, and even drive actual devs away over their identity crap.
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    Years ago I decided Facebook, Twitter, etc put me at risk by being these communities. So I left all social media. The only social media I use is LinkedIn. I don't ever post my face on this media either. This protects me from ageist, racist fucks. Not being in these groups will allow you a relatively safe way to operate online without retards trying to hurt you for differing with their opinion. Yes the COC of many communities is just sick now, but if they cannot link that you wore a maga hat 3 years ago then they cannot boot you.
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    I still don't understand how it's possible to meaningfully argue against meritocracy.
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    @Lor-inc Dem wymenz 'n' dem niggas no codez so trash codez by whyte menz, too! #notoracism #notobrains
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    @LesMore We know people think that "meritocracy is a white supremacism", but that is not an argument in and of itself. That is a statement of ideology that is not based upon factual information. If that idea were true there would be no examples of non-whites "making it" in society. You certainly would not have Snoop Dog doing cooking shows with Martha Stuart. There would be no minorities in office, owning businesses, etc. So the system itself, as it currently exists, is counter to the ideological statement. Also, a Harvard professor and mentor to Barrack Obama, said that the system is basically fair. The professor also went on to say that the only way for black people to beat white people in the system is to go around or subvert the system (ie break the law). Not sure why one would feel the need to beat the white man, but whatever.
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