--- Linux wants some hugs, and everyone gives a hug about it! ---

After the CoC controversy revolving around the Linux Kernel project, a change introduced by the CoC is being put into practice:
Jarkko Sakkinen, from Intel, started replacing words comments containing "fuck" with their "hug" variant. This means comments such as
/* master list of VME vectors -- don't fuck with this */
might look a bit different in the future:
/* master list of VME vectors -- don't hug with this */

People that oppose this change criticize that the comments will make much less sense to people that aren't fluent in English yet. They also do not like the redundant censoring - the actual meaning is still implied, just no longer included as clear text. It might also cause misunderstandings to people working with the code.

Those supporting this change, aside from jokingly mentioning that this change will save one character per f-word comment, note that this can give the Linux Kernel project a more positive feeling with anyone who works with the code, with "fuck" mostly associated with bad feelings, while "hug" is indeed mostly going to call positive feelings in our subconscious minds.

Who doesn't like a good hug? :)

What is your opinion on this rather controversial topic? Feel free to let us know in the comments, as we are very interested in your stances and arguments on this!

Several comment sections, IRC chats, and other places for people to express their opinions. Too many to list them all.

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    Post written by @filthyranter
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    This is some hugging bullshit.

    Censorship from the "tolerant" side is becoming the norm, huh?
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    Got me at who doesnt like a good hug 😅
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    This is a fucking joke... dont hug with this? Maybe don’t touch it or something. 5-10 years from now nobody will undestand that comment. I get it that its 2018 and sjw-s but this is just unprofessional. And intel? Really guys? I’m sending my regards to the poor guy who will spend ours of debugging just to figure out what that shit means.
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    I'm a sick hug. I like a quick hug
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    the end of linux is gradually coming
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    Fuck this [in]tolerant leftish SJW bullshit.

    To put it in their own tortured wording: They're "minimally-exceptional and differently-abled special needs individuals." aka human cancer.

    Disgusting. 😡
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    @Root Their logic: Yay for diversity!

    Oh wait... You think differently and diverse from me?! NAZI FACIST RACIST INTOLERANT HOMOPHOBE.

    This has gotta stop. They can have their make believe bullshit, but when it starts to infiltrate the professional world and science world, that's some hugging bullshit!
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    Absolute nonsense. If you're going to replace potty words because you think they'll hurt someone's eyes, then use your fucking brain and replace them with contextual equivalents.

    s/don't fuck with this/don't mess with this/

    ...and then approach everything on a case-by-case basis. If you're not a psychopath you're changing these strings individually anyway, and not doing an insane search and replace, so your level of effort is only slightly higher.

    Or, you can just leave it as it is, and accept that computers and software are made by people, not policy.
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    What a bunch of motherhuggers.

    On one hand, I feel like putting swearwords into source code is a bit unprofessional and infantile, but replacing fuck with hug? The former word can be used pretty universally, whilst the other has a pretty narrow meaning and using it as a replacement just makes no sense.

    Couldn't they have just gone with feck or f*ck or whatever?

    wth is going on in the world?
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    Why wouldn't you replace fuck with fox? That's just foxing dumb 🦊
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    We should flood these peoples github with pull requests doing the exact opposite.
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    @Stuxnet you mean "hugging bullkiss".
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    Well at least, the dev shortage will be solved because women finally can flock to kernel dev in droves. Reading a word like "fuck" is utterly horrifying to them because heterosexual sex is always rape and should actually be outlawed.
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    @nathanchere That's my point.
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    @irene no, there aren't. They suffer just from Stockholm syndrome with internalised misogyny. They have to be liberated, whether they want it or not. Once they are free, they will finally become lesbians with neon purple hair and a major in comparative gender studies, i.e. ready for kernel dev.
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    @irene all men who think this must be removed from workforce and thrown into homelessness to die in misery, particularly if they are white of course. Since we are not yet quite there, these feminists even sacrifice their health for the noble cause and get massively overweight so that such thoughts don't come up.
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    I propose a package manager that replaces all "hug"s with "fuck"s. That would be a reasonable aproche to this problem, wouldn't it. Alongside a plug-in for all IDEs and version control tools that does the same
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    Hug in Punjabi means "poop"
    So It'll still make sense to me.
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    @p100sch Now imagine a variable that's called fuck and another being called hug.
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    @filthyranter Easy. It was broken before when fuck was replaced by hug. At least I didn't make it worse. But that schouldn't be so dificult to solve by using the change history of the Git Repos to determin what was chnaged. If that isn't sufficent, well... IDE plugin will be able to handle that but a version controle tool would be fucked.
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    @p100sch Fuck is only going to be replaced in comments though.
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    @filthyranter But determining if the comment allways commented a var Hug or not would still require these extra steps
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    Is it a coincidence that this "inclusive" change is coming from the same Intel that pulled that PC shit with the Contributor's Covenant earlier?

    Batshit insane, I'm telling ya. Don't Intel's kernel devs have anything better to do?!
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    Who actually gives a hug?
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    Wow, what a fulfilling job - replacing swearwords in comments... Wonder how much money they pay for that? If it were in program output, then perhaps... When will the gulags come?

    Only 1 moral imperative: your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. That's it. Oh, and also no subconscious manipulation (human programming - what basically all ad campaigns nowadays seem to be doing).
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    @irene Even thinking fuck schuld be forbidden, that would be a serious Thoughtcrime.
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    @irene I'm a programmer when I have kids?! 😳
    INTEEEEL!!! Look what great amazing programmer I am, by raising my kids to become politically correct!! Now where's my paycheck?!!
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    Well... Hug me gently with a chainsaw!
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    @irene Yeah, you're right. All I'm saying is to program people with anything else than facts and critical thinking is not exactly doing them a favor. Mass-producing fanatics is not a good idea... Not that the advertisers' program of "BUY,BUY,BUY!!!" is better, though.

    For the literal-minded, I didn't mean fanatic in a strictly religious sense. Most ideologies could be described as a sort of cult, IMO.

    And the government is no one's friend.

    But then again, journalists today seem to be all utterly biased, so... Not particularly looking forward to the future. Not that I ever believed the "unbiased journalist" myth. They're working for a paycheck, aren't they?

    Critical thinking is the key, despite the world trying to program us for blind faith...
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    @irene Yes, and that is exactly the problem... It's like with revolutions - after you're done, it's gonna be you who needs to instate a new government... What will you do with all the fanatics once the mission is accomplished? And more importantly, who will they turn against next?
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    @irene Got the feeling we might be getting on some watchlists...
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    Sorry, but as much as I enjoy hugging my SO, fucking (with) her is an enormous source of joy. I therefore daresay that

    > with "fuck" mostly associated with bad feelings

    is either "hugging bullshit" or whoever came up with this has never had good sex in their lives.

    I don't know whether I shall laugh or feel pitty...

    Fucking each others mind out is the most beautiful, trusting and intimate thing two people can do with each other. Reducing this to just "Hugging each others temperature up" does not make me feel better at all.

    Whoever didn't get this shall keep searching. ;-)
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    @Yamakuzure 100% chance whoever came up with this hugging bullshit has never gotten laid.

    If you're such a miserable cunt that you spend the time to advocate censorship in code, then why would anyone wanna fuck ya? lmao
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    @irene How fortunate I know more stuff to do than *just* that... ^^
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    @Yamakuzure I totally agree with you.
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    Is amazing seeing how people can get aroused by this :D

    I actually did similar thing when I was told to stop using swear words in the source code. Passive-aggressive approach.
    Seeing SJW everywhere? Or just having butthurt?
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    @mt3o I guess it takes all kinds of fetishes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ some folks wank on this, others schlack on that, and a select few schlack on huggin' censorship.. very interesting indeed!
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    @Condor i live in the country that have been USSR satellite, before that nazi occupation, before that, taken over by Germany, Austria and Russia for over 100 years. Somehow people dealt with censorship. Not that kind of! The kind of that exiles people to Siberia for teaching about the country's history.
    You know, I can't stop seeing them as pussies. Both of them. The sjw and the other group. What are they called? I-have-no-selfesteem-unless-i-insult-people? Boys-afraid-of-women? Do they fit into the "incel" definition?
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    @mt3o I find it a bit strong to call people "pussies" who only wish to not being censored and policed by self-appointed upholders of moral standards with questionable mind sets preaching utter bullshit. You can fight cancer, or you lean back and let yourself being eaten up. Your choice.
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    @Yamakuzure hey, don't call the python comitee with such names :p they are not censoring, nor being self-appointed upholders of moral standards preaching bullshit:p
    Ok, i understand you are taking about me. You see... Do you agree that there are some limits on what one should or shouldn't use as arguments? Python comitee (i never investigated what they did exactly) made some decisions, Linus published a CoC and the whole world is on fire.
    They did it for a reason. I'll give you an example. It would be awkward for me to work with someone calling himself a Fuhrer, even if the title was "Fahrstuhlführer". If I were jewish, i'd feel uneasy when someone used a word "żydzić" in the context of me. It means "skimp" but has clear cultural meaning. There are neutral words that can be used.

    Now, while I, personally, am ok with quite a lot, I get that some people are not. Look at the graph theory and then start making pedophile themed jokes.Is it appropriate to do in public? For all?
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    @mt3o I was talking about the SJWs and those who oppose them.
    (I thought that was obvious. Sorry if I misunderstood you.)
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    I took it personally...
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    @mt3o I agree with you. Although it is way off topic.
    Edit: After re-reading my post, I think I wasn't clear enough what and whom I meant. Sorry about that.
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    @Yamakuzure The topic is rising emotions. It's easy to get on fire. I'm guilty too.
    My deleted post was me going rampage. But than I realized that the post I wrote was wrong and over the limits.

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    @irene The added meaning is obvious :)

    Sticking to the added meaning, polish ingress OPR community has tg stickers fully embracing the name "OPRnazi". From time to time (new) people do complain, but they get used to the theme.
    And people who are least against the AH theme, are those who turn on when historically important events (like Warsaw Uprising) are handled with not enough reverence and respect.
    It's a similar kind of people who hunt for "sjw" around the internet and cry about python naming policies.
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    Why not keep the meaning?

    E.g. Don't mess with this.

    Decreasing readability is just silly
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    Don't fuck with the fucking comments. If someone feels offended by a mere comment in source code they should probably rather focus on getting the stick out of their ass and putting the bag of dicks back in instead of writing kernel code.
    Its just so retarded, i'd understand if it had a variable called killAllTheJews, but it DOESNT FFS.
    Beautiful how that shit always triggers me. Eat a dick.
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