What do you guys think is the proper retirement age for a dev , i am thinking 35 to 40 for me
Can’t continue working for other companies after that

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    Retirement at 40?
    No, no, that's the age when you become a Project Manager.
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    With what I'm earning, I'm definitely not retiring at 35. Or 40. Maybe 50 if I'm lucky.
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    @heyheni project manager is kind of retirement right 😂
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    @EmberQuill I don’t have family burden, otherwise 40 would not be possible
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    Here I'm thinking about retiring when I'm 70, retirement age is 65 now and will be increased so for me as I'm young it will probably be 70 as standard
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    I STARTED coding professionally after 40.
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    @hardfault That's true 😂
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    I'm aiming to become self-employed or start a business when I turn 30 or maybe have a one year break where I travel to different countries gathering new ideas. I'm saving up money for that while investing on whatever crap I find. Experiments, who knows what happens?

    Actual retirement, I am not sure. I like this field and imagine myself doing it for a very long time, it's the employed part, working five days a week on a set schedule, and going to the office that I hate.
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    @rutee07 agree with you, by retirement i mean not doing 9 to 5 and have enough money to live rest of life carefree.
    I want to get a garage and do wood cutting after 40, maybe i will go into manufacturing field
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    I'm 27 and already dislike the 9-5 rat race. I'm putting effort into writing my own software products and learning about running my own business, because it's just not fulfilling slugging away working on someone else's dream.
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