Wondering if I should install adb and android dev drivers on my dad's laptop just so I can reflash and upgrade OpenGApps, LOS.

The locations services didn't seem to be working well, seems it may not be using the GPS,. just wifi...

I don't have all the backups, stock images I have at home either and not sure I want him to see me fucking up my phone...

Convo I had last time:

Me: Oh I bricked my phone again, for now you can reach me by email
Dad: wtf? Why?
Me: well it's complicated... Wasnt working and so I wanted to reflash and upgrade everything but ...
Dad: stop buying shitty phones
Me: ....

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    Let me guess, your dad has an Apple device which are more tightly shut than an arch-catholic nun against side loading and flashing, yet receive no security updates as soon as the second next gen is coming out. And flashing an open OS is out of the option :P
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    @DBX12 no... Windows... But filled like an old persons
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    He puts everything on the desktop, it's like 30GB now and probably preventing a Windows update as it probably needs to Backup the User dirs...
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