Why is flutter so unbelievably awesome?
It makes development soooo much quicker and easier compared to native java/kotlin/swift...so much simpler on so many levels, that it still feels somehow ..*wrong*...to me....

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    Usually when I get that feeling, it's because there's magic. I'm allergic to magic.
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    What are you giving up for ease of development?

    I am sure you like that you don't have to compile it again for the result to be shown. I think it called "hot reload".

    I say goes for it if the trade off it worth it but just like @SortOfTested said be careful of magic.
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    I live my life with these words of wisdom that were passed down to me.

    If you don't know how it works you can't fix it.
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    Even if you know how it works , you can't sometime fix it.
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    @mr-user just because you dont have to manually hit compile doesnt mean it doesnt recompile
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    I don't recall if flutter has it, but most modern languages and frameworks feature incremental builds to only compile the bits that have changed and use file watchers to update the build ref tree.

    When it fucks up, you've likely wasted an hour, but most of the time it's great.
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    I am talking about something like live update. As soon as you save the file the result is shown on emulator.

    Maybe it does compile on the background.
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    I always wanted to play around with Dart/Flutter, because the object orientated implementation of Dart seemed interesting.
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    I thought it’s a rant about pet named “flutter”
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    Because it's the future. Few unified platform independent languages.. Dart is awesome, combined with flutter it's amazing
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    Yeah the documentation is also so good for flutter. Plus android studio is awesome with Flutter. Crazy good.
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