Views about this season?

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    All I know is that it's set in Germany and supposed to be mind boggling boring.
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    @Ranchu 10/10 best description!

    P. S. Never seen it. Just found the description very informing. 😀
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    Loved the first 2 season, looking forward to this! 😀
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    @PreyK Season 3 is out
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    @Ranchu You gotta watch it then
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    Season three feels like things are being wrapped up. Am half way through and it feels a little like season 8 of GoT
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    you haven't seen boring until you've seen dork. Sorry, "Dark." It's like if M. Night Shyamalan made a movie, but never paid off any of the buildup.
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    @Waqas I know i just need to find some free time when i can watch it all in one go 😀
    How is it? (No spoilers)
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    @SortOfTested That buildup in the begining is insane! I got the opposite feeling, that they kind of took it too far at the end of s1
    I agree that is not for everyone tho.
    But for me as an art school dropout it’s worth a watch just for the brilliant cinematography alone.
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    Gave the first episode a try. Got bored beyond all levels if boredome that I experience on tv
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    @AleCx04 watch 4, then see if you still see it as boring.
    Inception was lightweight compared to Dark
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    @Avimelekh episode 3 in, still boring af, will give it two more
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    @AleCx04 oh ok. For me it got fun for that time, imho one of the best time travel sci-fis of all time. Pointless to waste time if not liking it
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    For a time travel based series first two seasons where really nice. Third was overly complicated to a point it becomes unbearable. The main story is good in season 3 and could be told with just the 3 times.
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