The more I play with C, the more I realize why many people hate C++.
I like the amount of control and the simplicity. No unnecessary syntax sugar, and the code is very straightforward to read.

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    A few constructs do look wired withe the syntax, but a comment or familiarity can clean those up.
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    Yes YESSSS
    C is life
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    C is simple but powerful !! And with great power comes great responsibility
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    C++ combines the safety of C with the readability of Perl.
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    Disagree. C++ offers many good things like namespaces, templates and scoped enums. If you're getting drowned in OO code, something went wrong on your side.
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    @Geoxion I am used to OOP. I am programming in C# for many years and I like it. However C++ is cluttered with a lot of shit, and hides a lot of stuff which makes it more annoying to read. Abstraction is not always a good thing. It can be, but not always.
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    @Kyu96 that also depends on the quality of the abstraction. Bad abstractions should be avoided. I have seen some horrible stuff in embedded software.

    Luckily, at least so far, most embedded Rust code I've seen is quite good.
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    @Fast-Nop I love you
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    @Geoxion personally I feel that c++ is just trying to do too many things at once with too many features
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    C++ is a solution to a problem that didn't exist
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