I did an oopsie.

I accidentally accepted a job/project through a friend and realized later that I would have to use wordpress which I have absolutely 0 experience with.
The thing is it's a website for swimming club and at first I was like sure let me just recycle this old school project. But then I've realized they are gonna need something dynamic (to update their schedules etc.) and that they will need something user friendly.
Later I found out that their previous website uses wordpress and that they like it and wanna keep that.
So here I am, thinking if I should just back off or try the dangerous way of learning it while creating the website (it probably wouldn't be worth the money since they won't pay much).
Honestly, how did I even get to this point.

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    Without learning to say no. Like most of us developers.
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    Honestly it sounds like something a good hour or two and a basic wordpress tutorial would cover.
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