Bugger me Quarkus is quick. Pretty bloody quick even when not using Graal native, but with that... damn.

Looks like I need to skill up. These new Graal-native-friendly, reflection-free Java web frameworks are really coming into their own. Spring really needs to respond quickly, otherwise it's going to become the slow legacy framework of yesteryear, if it's not already.

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    My guess is that Spring is hardly moved by that, since it's the core dependency, if not standard tech, in companies. But good point.
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    @vintprox Oh, Spring isn't going anywhere any time soon. But it has a danger of not being picked for anything *new*, which would be a big blow to Pivotal (they pride themselves on dealing with the latest & greatest, I can't think they'd be too happy managing the de-facto legacy Java framework if it turned into that.)
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    @AlmondSauce 100% fair point
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    Graal is amazing, kinda weird it's from Oracle but eh whatever, credit where it's due.
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    @RememberMe I still maintain that they should have been prioritising that from the beginning rather than Jigsaw. We could have had it years ago...
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