Not exactly new, but just so it does not get forgotten:


Fuck that stupid piece of shit IDE and everything related to it.

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    Reading this announcement is a relief after your recent comment that could have suggested you were an eclipse user.
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    based and IDEApilled
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    @electrineer I am one, due our tech stack, sadly. This is the primary reason my hatred towards it grows.

    Thankfully most of my work can be accomplished in VS/VSCode, but sadly my last push for IDEA was ultimately unsuccessful.
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    Aaaah, Eclipse...

    I remember switching from Nokia's Carbide C++ to early Android Studio (both Eclipse-based IDEs), it felt like a huge relief, almost heaven 😁
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    @zlot Android Studio is based on IntelliJ though? Am I missing something?
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    @CircuitRCAY Yep, the 1st releases were based on Eclipse (1st IntelliJ-based version was around 2014 if I remember well)
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    The single thing that I like in Eclipse, contrasting on other IDEs, is runtime Ant property for chosen file ("eclipse.selected.file" or smth like that). Everything else is just faster and intuitive in IDEA, so I mostly suggest it to new co-workers.
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    java debug is still 10000x times faster than go debug in vscode

    (I am not a fan of eclipse either)
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