Soo... I'm using Google's Youtube Data v3 API to create a tracker for new uploads.

And docs and devs' intended way of doing so is not by calling an channel.uploads() or uploads.list({channelID}), instead we get the "Uploads" playlist, call an api to read that playlist, and hope the channel won't hide their Uploads playlist for any reason.

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    Btw, on free tier you get 10k quota credits per day (max 10k)

    Search api costs mf'ing 100 + filterCosts,

    Checking an existence of a channel costs 1 + snippetCost

    Getting their uploads playlist is another 1 + playlistCost

    (While yes, it's possible to get channel details and playlists for 1 + snippetCost + playlistCost , I don't want to waste extra creds for a typo in the confirmation message.)
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    im using the rss feed of youtube.
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    I have used the ”legit” YT data API in the past for text data, but after getting hit with ugly fees, I put together a scraper for mining any number of comments for free. It has been working for me for two years with no updates to the code (thank god). Last time I tested its limits - it scraped all UnboxTherapy’s channel with no issues lol.
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