But that is my email....

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    Saavage level this one is :D
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    *feature* ;)
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    Sorry but I find that lame
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    a good savage cabbage!
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    I never really got that "confirm your e-mail" thingy. Everyone just copy pastes that, no? Mailing a confirmation link seems to make so much more sense. And with form autocomplete, the % of registrants messing this up should be pretty low.
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    @mano you'd think so. I understand password repeats (only when copy/paste disabled) since you can't read back a bunch of asterisks or dots and it is a piece of information key to using your account. Email is the second key, but you are able to read back and like you say, email confirmations 1. Allow you to be safe knowing it's right (although realistically a read back should be sufficient) 2. the service they're making an account on can be confident the owner is the owner of the mail account too.
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    @Saborknight Exactly, it's verification and authentication in one. But readbacks? People actually do that on the internet? :)
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    @mano haha point taken xD
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