I'm looking for my first job as a web developer. I kept seeing these rants about how horrible and frustrating job searching is, all of which I thought were greatly exaggerated. They're all just jokes and memes, right?


Every fucking meme seems to be true.

- Junior developer with +4 years of experience, expert in their field - check!

- Listing requirements for 6 different jobs under "Full-stack developer" - check!

- "Expert developer required ASAP" - $10/hour - check!

- 100% remote ... *scrolls all the way down* ... for 2 days of the week - check!

- Entry level font-end position - must be an expert in Vue, Angular, React, AWS, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, Python, ES9+, OOP, TDD, BDD - check!

- "Cool" description written in js code with no indentation - check!

And I'm not seeing these every once in a while or something like that. No. Most of the posts are like this. I thought I may just be underqualified since I've never had a real job before, but this just seems crazy to me...

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    You can't reason with those fuckers, if you see a company posting any kind of shit like that run like hell.
    I don't really dig Bukowski but he was right:
    "the problem is that smart people are full of doubts, while stupid people are full of confidence"
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    You know, memes are not bad at all. They just get posted repetitively
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    If this seems to be all that's out there, how do you find a good job?
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    The key is: apply not matter what they are looking for. Most of time they don’t know what are looking for. Show them you know how to code and how to learn.
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    And to expand on @angelbetancourt point, sometimes the spec is written by HR who haven't a clue what's going on.
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