Starting the day off with a 200mg energy drink and 2 and a half hours sleep. Yay.

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    Power nap during meetings. Make a piberry audio recognition that listens for your name and shocks you awake.
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    Gluten Morgen.
    Had your baked beans yet?
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    @SortOfTested Are you trying to turn him into a "Smart assistant"?

    "Hey, LavaTheif, what's 2+2?"

    @Ranchu Unannounced avatar changes!
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    You will hate yourself for this later in your life. Lack of sleep affects your whole life, now and future.

    As a side note, there is glorification of caffein addicted/ sleep depraved software developer who pulls all nighters, really sad.
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    @aviophile My sleep schedule is normally okay, I just had a week off work and normally start at 4am so just need a few days to adjust back
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    Ah, my daily routine
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    @aviophile Yeah, people complain about stupid stereotypes yet love them so much they define their whole identity around it. It gets worse when even older developer are afflicted.
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    @Jilano Yehehe.
    Time for a change of color, turns out, I can now have a pet python, I named him "ImportError: no modules named "MatPlotLib".
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