Situation is like: what do i do now🤦‍♂️

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    That never happens to me, pfft!

    *Hides his first vue project, which every year comes out to haunt him*


    The only thing to do is to accept your fate and to apply the most important rule of clean code... Leave your code better than you found it.
    For instance: my vue project is getting progressively less haunting thanks to incremental fixes
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    I wrote my java library without any comments.
    Well, it's, uh, not modifiable anymore.
    Fazit: add fucking comments.
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    Digging Your own Grave...
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    Clean code doesn't need comments. Just follow proper standards and stick to them. When you're doing something out of the ordinary, make a little comment.
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    python is pretty much computerized English and it's all fairly standardized. You can't really make it totally confusing, short of manipulating the stack or some shit, because docs are good and there's not 50 billion different versions people use, as it's not JavaScript.
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    If you need comments to understand your code, then your code is crap.
    No amount of comments will save it. It will make things worse.
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