What kind of dumb fucks are making these job application forms, initially I thought asking my “sexual preference” was weird but then I saw these !!!!

How does my earlier financial condition or what my parents did when I was 14 help my job application when now I am 28 !!

The fuck

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    never tell the truth; try to make them feel you don't care abt money and you "love" their "company mission + values".
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    😦dafuq they need to know that for?
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    In Sweden some of those questions could be illegal for a company to ask.
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    The funny thing is , the company is a multinational company posting a job in Great Britain ,
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    Those questions are cringy as fuck!
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    They're looking for any way to classify you as a historically disadvantaged group. It allows them to check a box and get bennies on their accountability reporting, which in turn gives them access to government programmes and PR fodder. It certainly has nothing to do with wanting to help you. Just capitalist jesus stuff.
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    Hello 1984, my old friend.
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    This looks like it's supposed to be helping provide opportunities for disadvantaged people. Not great though
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