What's your view on workplace relationships or hook ups? 😄
(Sticking an RJ45 in your pooper doesn't count btw.)

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    I married a former coworker

    Naturally I think they should be prohibited in all cases.
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    Why doesn't RJ45 count?
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    @Pyjong Because it supposedly hurts
    ... OK on second guess, relationships hurt as well...
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    What about a good lookin rs232?
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    @PonySlaystation If a RJ45 hurts, maybe a RJ10 fits better.
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    @vomitmachine Where is the naughty police when we need it... 😏
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    naughty police officer @rutee07 please help your services are required!
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    Looks like @PonySlaystation fancies somebody. ;)

    I would say no, maybe fuck them when you're about to leave the company but if you plan on staying there, no. If things don't work out, you have to see their face every day. While you may be able to handle that, they may not. You might end up getting awkward obsessive stares or long ass email declarations of love and neediness from someone you don't even want to poke with your dick anymore.

    I've seen some relationships in this setting work though. It's just a bit risky. The initial cock stroking under the table during stand-ups are exciting but boy, do I feel disgusted remembering it now. Do you have a pattern of being disgusted by past sexual partners when they become needy? If so, that would make this even harder for you unless the other person is cool which is rarely the case. :S
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    Simply put you don't shit where you eat for good reasons, just like @rutee07 said and some other interoffice relations could be affected as well
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    @rutee07 Nah, it would be too annoying for me. Lack of concentration is an issue and mixing work and love could bring unnecessary stress.
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