Anyone here with jio know why the MyJio app is trying to turn my WiFi off every 10 seconds? I still have this crap installed just because there are a few coupons on it for recharges.

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    He's playing the song of your people
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    wifi is bad for cellphone business
    there are datacaps to be overreached to make you pay 😆
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    @heyheni I use a prepaid connection and I use mobile data as backup for work in case my wifi goes down. I thought it was good business for them when I am paying for data that I do not use.
    On the bright, we have faster and cheaper internet in india now since jio.
    I fear the day when all the competition fades out due to their aggressive pricing. Looks like jio is taking pointers from Amazon wrt dominating the market.
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    @SortOfTested Lol this reminds me of a mobile game I used to play which forced me to watch this really long ads after every 30 seconds. I simply turned the flight mode on to bypass that. I guess the Developers realized this trick because after the most recent update, the game wouldn’t proceed unless you watched the full ad (which would be very very slow on mobile data so practically I had to turn WiFi on and watch the ad every time it played). Naturally, I deleted the app and gave them a bad review on App Store.
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    I don't know why it is doing that, but disable all notifications from that app and disable "draw over other apps" if it is enabled
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    @asgs I have all notifications and permissions disabled. Earlier my wifi used to mysteriously turn off. Then I had a hunch and revoked all permissions on this app. Now it asks for permissions.
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    Haven't faced this issue but I guess you are making recharge once in a month. Install when it's needed and uninstall it. I'm doing the same.
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    Yeah this is great and all but do you allow it to enable wifi?
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    At least not happening on iOS
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    Stop reliance monopoly and boycott reliance. It is the evil company of india
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    Don't sell yourself short kid, India has lots of evil companies.
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    Here's a guess why. I've got a mobil provider's app that gives me the option of logging in via password or via turning off my WiFi and using cellular data.

    Bet it's something similar here in which they can only identify you when you use cellular data.
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    Just install app when u need it, pretty much sure coupons are connected to your account, like most people recharge like once in 3 month.
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    @nitwhiz I don't even let it use mobile data
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