burn out is real!!! how do I beat this shit???

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    step away from the computer and do some other shit
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    Slap it with the sausage.
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    Cash out that annual leave you've been saving and run away to a isolated cave in the middle of nowhere for a few weeks.
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    Mint lol I'll do all these
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    Oh yes it is ! I love that game.
    Dominator is my favourite.
    As always, practice makes perfect. I beat the game several times.
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    @AleCx04 "Sir! I repeat: step away from the computer!"
    "Don't make me come over here and unplug it."
    "Sir! Put that keyboard down!"
    "Central we need backup. He's starting to type shit down!"
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    @Jilano Damn, is he black or what?
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