Type conversion in python is made of dog shit and donkey poop

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    No wonder that even such common APIs like Discord.py fail to fully utilize it
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    That's what happens when you use a garbage tier language

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    It's a dynamically typed language which was never designed around type safety in the first place, what do you expect
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    @RememberMe yeah but i assume basic things like difference between uint8 and int8 should be in-built.
    in int() should have extra arg for number of bytes
    I tried to use ctype but then it’s conversion to string is pain

    Only using python because my matlab license expired
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    @hardfault Python's not great for that, though numpy, cython, and numba make it very explicit. You aren't usually supposed to care, an int is an int.

    Use numpy, which has explicit types.
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    @hardfault I am not very familiar with matlab to be abler to say if this would be good for you, but I have heard that GNU Octave is a decent choice. Have you tried it or have any opinions on it? I encountered on Andrew Ng's ML course.
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    @AleCx04 that seem like a good replacement for matlab, i will give it a try
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    @vintprox Discord.py is the definition of a dog shit library/api don’t @ me
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    Don't use python for that.

    Use Julia, which is python-esque in that it is meant to be a "low-learning curve" language, but has better type support, especially if you're doing scientific computing!
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